Three-section rotors (120°). Each section contains ten Ø40mm 304-Grade (Opt. 316-Grade) Stainless Steel (Opt. Ø38, Ø42 and Ø45mm) arms.

Constructed on main carriers, supported by tube profiles on lateral panels, strengthened by separators.

Material used is phosphate-coated steel, finish is electrostatic painted, stainless steel (304-Grade) or mixed combinations. (Opt. Hot dip galvanizing under the coating for outdoor models)

Top cover is protected against water for outdoors installation.

Upright bars at the frame are in compliance with UK H&S Regulations (The gap between upright bars is less than 98 mm).

Complying to EU Regulations (Passage Clear Height is 2120 mm).

Green Arrow & Red Bar LED indicators on the top cover

Manually operated bi-directional system (optional motorized) with dip switch selectable operational modes including controlled access on both-sides, one side free exit and restricted access modes.

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