BLG-04 K8 Sertifisert Pullert

BLG-04-Electro-Hydraulic K-8 Certified Bollard.

The worldwide renowned ELGOTEAM presents the BLG-04-Electro hydraulic K-8 certified bollard, an exquisitely designed anti-ramming product that is ideal for securing government structures, army bases, and other high-profile facilities. The product has been impact-tested by reputable and authorized crash test facilities and is certified to K-8 standard, ASTM F2656 07-M40-P1, which can stop vehicles weighing 6.8 tons driving at 65kph. The K-8 certified bollard is galvanized to prevent corrosion and enhance smooth functioning even when submerged in water.

The presence of the specially designed hydraulic motor enables bollard to operate using hydraulic technology, without the need for an external oil tank or oil pump. The ELGOTEAM also attains an excellent balance between security and aesthetics by coating the product with a stainless steel sleeve which is sure to resonate with a broad range of locations. The product’s dimensions are 750 mm (30”) in height and 270 mm (11”) in diameter, and it requires an excavation depth of 1800 mm (70”) for installation. The K-8 certified bollard is also an all-weather product, and it comes with an option to operate each of the bollards separately. Besides, this bollard features high-visibility LED lights which enhance protection and add some elegance to any facility or property.

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