BLG-05 K12 Sertifisert Pullert

BLG-05-Electro-Hydraulic K-12 Certified Bollard.

Combining appealing aesthetics with the highest level of perimeter control, the BLG-05-Electro hydraulic K-12 certified bollard is the most robust barricade in the market right now. Measuring 1000mm (39″) in height and 270 mm (11″) in diameter, the K-12 certified bollard is constructed with top-quality material, and its hot-dip steel coating enhances its sturdiness and durability. The electrically operated K-2 certified bollard is IP68 rated, meaning that drive unit is completely sealed and it can function even when completely flooded in water. The bollard comes with a broad range of power options that start from 120V and 380V, and it takes just up to 5 seconds to raise the bollard to its standard height and 2 seconds to retract it down to the ground.

The BLG-05-Electro hydraulic bollard offers low operational and maintenance cost and is ideal for places where strong barricades are recommended. The BL-05-EH is certified to k-12 standards and was double-tested in the ASTM F2656 07-M50 and the PAS68:2010. The barrier can stop a 6.8-ton vehicle accelerated at 85kph. This bollard system comes with an option of operating every bollard on its own. Additionally, the BLG-05-EH’s clean and versatile design allows it to be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with other advanced access control technologies.

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