RhinoGuard 75/30

Providing effective protection of critical infrastructure, people and places, Marshalls introduces the 15/30 Protective Bollard, providing proven levels of performance at a distinct level of protection and budget.

Our successfully crash tested RhinoGuard™ technology is built into the core, with a sleeve being placed over it to provide a more attractive finish in all locations where aesthetics and safety are key. The core diameter is Ø114mm with three sleeve options: steel, stainless steel and Ferrocast .

The system has been designed and tested showing it meets the requirements of PAS 68 and achieved a successful certificated rating.

Vehicle: Fully laden 7,5 tonne two axle rigid N2 lorry
Vehicle speed: 30mph (48 km/h)
PAS 68 Classification code: Shallow mount
PAS 68:2010:V/7500(N2)/48/90:1.5/0.0

Can be delivered in Steel powder coated and sainless steel.

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Tekniske spesifikasjoner

  • Excavation depth: 152 mm
  • Core diameter: Ø 194 mm
  • Height above ground: 1000 mm
  • Core weight: 370-390 kg
  • Sleeve diameter: Ø 204 mm