Sperretrinn / Roadblocker / Wedge

Key features of the ORB series road blocker are its heavy duty construction and remarkably speed of operation. The wedge shaped blocker can be supplied to rise to heights from 350 mm to 1000 mm and to an overall width of 5 metres. When not in use the road blocker fits discretely away to flush fit with any road surface.

  • Shallow mount 360mm deep into road
  • Crash tested by MIRA.
  • PAS68/K12 7.5 tonne 50mph/80kph
  • 0% penetration
  • 3000mm wide x 1070mm FFL raised obstacle
  • Designed to take repeated impact and still operate..
  • Easily replaceable skirt panels after impact, will operate without skirt panels (for safety, panels should be replaced)
  • Site security maintained at all times as the rising kerb will operate after impact.
  • Axle load: 30 tonnes
  • 100% Duty cycle
  • 6 second operation
  • Power: 230V, 1ph, 50 Hz, 20amp. Motor: 4Kw.
  • Bottom frame galvanised, Top sections powder coated
  • Anti-slip coating to top of chequer plate Full