Road Blockers City-Light Speedbumps

TISO City-light Speedbump is a unique simple solution for vehicle access control establishment and adjustment. Its biggest advantage relates to installation type options, including both surface installation and shallow mounting and frequent use in high intensity mode. Dealing with surface installation, in raised position TiSO serves like a regular road blocker. When closed, performs the function of a speed hump. Built-in hydraulic unit advances this type of equipment for projects which require large distances (up to 100m) between blocking part and control unit. Wide arrangement of options enables it to be and widely applicable and versatile security solution.

Installation areas

• Governmental Institutions
• Military Bases
• Nuclear Power Plants
• Production sites (Industrial Plants)
• Commercial areas
• Financial institutions
• Airport Premises
• Business (Office) Center
• Hotels
• Sport Complexes
• Recreation areas
• Urban areas
• Education Institutions

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