SpeedStile FLs

Fast, streamlined entrance control.
Swing opening speed gates with a slim, elegant design and minimal footprint.
Allows continuous passage of up to 40 people per minute.
Unique detection algorithm prevents fraudulent entry with greater user safety.
Available in 3 models with various length, height and colour options.

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Tekniske spesifikasjoner

  • Passageway: Standard 600mm, Wide 900mm. Combi–centre cabinet with combination of 600mm passageway and 900mm passageway
  • Standard Finishes BA Model: Black technopolymer lid with square ends
  • Standard Finishes EV Model: Black technopolymer lid with curved ends
  • Standard Finishes DS Model: Elliptic Top Lid – applied finish
  • Safety Kit: Light curtain
  • Integration: Card reader
  • Wings: Clear acrylic (only BA and EV models)
  • Control Systems: Remote
  • Dimension Cabinet Length: 1.2m (only for BA and EV models), 1.4m (only for BA and EV models), 1.8m
  • Options: Alternative finishes and material (BA and EV models), DS series finishes and materials